All items are handcrafted in small batches causing some variations in form
and finish to occur amongst each unique, handmade piece.

All items are food safe and made with non-toxic & unless stated otherwise.
Items are dishwasher safe, though handwashing is recommended to properly care for
and connect with your piece.

As most of you guys here already know, Soeki is a personal project of mine, which at
the moment it has been done all by myself and my own hands.
That includes all the hassle in production, graphic designs, websites, photos,
even shipping, and writing cards. 

Not trying to complain, but lately, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the
PRE- Order requests, I’m sorry to let you guys know, I’m closing that window for a while.

Apart from the fatigue, what really set me back was the time it takes for me to explore things
on my own, trying out new shapes and colors I really enjoyed at the moment. 

Besides Soeki, I'm also working in another field, so it's really hard to keep up the balance
between all the POs and making new ceramics for the website. There has to be one thing
to focus on. And right now I'm choosing to make more new things to be updated on
the website, rather than repeating POs that's just my preference right now.

I hope you understand 

Normally, Made To Order take approximately 3-6 weeks to create and ship. 

Thanks for the orders, I am truly blessed to have your supports! So stay tuned!
I will update the webshop with my latest works. I hope you'll like it!  Love, Karisya.