Tasu Vessel #3

IDR 319,000.00

Diameter : 10.5 cm.
Height : 18 cm.


This item is handmade and will show the marks of the process. 

Each piece is unique, with the same colors and similarities with differences in applications of glaze and slight variations in size.


Kana, which has been renowned for its own contemporary handwritten batik, experience an identical identities together with Soeki on its own indigo and nature-inspired products. All of that settles into a series of ceramics with unique aesthetics and touches of ingenuity in its details.

These handmade stonewares comes with details inspired with heritage personalities allover, including Kana's own indigo thread integrated with the ceramics, and specialized batik-making method used on the coloring proccess - simultaneously construct an image worth seeing; an image of both brand's view about preserving the beauty of nature.