Hello! My name is Karisya

Back in 2017, I started Soeki Living after finishing a series of multiple crafting class on my student exchange program in Seoul. Coming back home ( Jakarta, Indonesia ) , I felt inspired, especially in formation of ceramics in general. So I continue my studies at Bengkel Keramik Puspa with Pak Haryo as my mentor. While learning pottery is not really a short journey, I enjoy exploring and learning every curves and parts of it. Along the way, I steadily find my own manner in the creation, Japanese inspired wabi-sabi, way of thinking that finds beauty in nature and imperfections.
Ever since, part of my life was always in making these one of a kind pieces, celebrating their imperfections and marks along the process of handmade creation. Each piece is by itself unique, even pieces with the same colors and similarities will show differences in applications of glaze and slight variations in size. This is what excites me the most and keeps the spirit alive. That's why I don't really enjoy reproducing or making repetitive pieces, because every new shape to explore in the studio is personally a new life breathing in the studio of Soeki Living.